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Kimberlee Ann Nagel
Florida Bar #807982


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Kimberlee Ann Nagel
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Kimberlee Ann Nagel

I attended the University of Miami in Miami, Florida for undergraduate studies and studied law at American University, the Washington College Of Law, in Washington, D.C. While at American University, I participated in various programs. One program was representing indigent litigants in Court in Washington D.C. Another program was an international law program in which I studied law in Europe for one year.

I have practiced law continuously in the State of Florida since my admittance to The Florida Bar in October 1989. First in government employ as an Assistant State Attorney and now in private practice.

Since leaving the Office of the State Attorney in September 1990 to begin in private practice, I have represented clients in the areas of family law, criminal defense, juvenile, and civil plaintiff’s work.

At this time in my private practice, I use modern technology to run a small paperless office with no staff. I am the only employee. This means that every aspect of your case is handled by an attorney. I perform each and every function in the representation of each one of my clients. As a result, I can only represent a limited client base at any time. Military employees have taken the largest advantage of this benefit.

Clients employed by the military, as well as clients who reside out-of-state, found my personal attention to be most beneficial and expedient. Communication time is at a premium for most military personnel, so my small paperless office removes the middle person (the secretary and receptionist) and provides for a more immediate response to each inquiry (usually within a couple of hours but always within 24 hours). For my military employee clients, information needed is generally available electronically via the internet. My electronic office policy is the most conducive to that e-commerce world of information.

Inquiries over the internet are welcomed, and encouraged. However, "legal advice" is not provided over the internet or e-mail for those people who have not retained my services. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours of your request, please forward your inquiry once again as it was probably not received. Since I respond personally to each and every inquiry, please make your inquiry only once unless you do not receive a response within 24 hours.


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Mailing Address:

Kimberlee Ann Nagel
P O Box 1328
Sebring, FL 33871-1328